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Currently not much of a theme to this blog, just stuff that inspires/amuses me. I'm an artist living in Newcastle, who loves video games and roller derby!! Oh and if you love derby too, check out my other page:




you know you’re getting old when you watch the little mermaid and when ariel says “i’m 16 years old. i’m not a child anymore.” and you’re just sat there like yes you fucking are young lady stop it

The day you start agreeing with the parents in kids movies is the day it’s all over.

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Well, I’ll be off then, since it’s all over between us.

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The 31 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Women

*stands up*


*applauds forever*

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Next paycheck__

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Tattoo by Tyago Compiani in El Cuervo ink -cwb

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